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Ayna, which means “where” in Arabic, is the name of the first and most comprehensive Arabic Search Engine serving the Pan Arab region in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.

Ayna shares Pan Arab Web Awards academy’s (PAWA) vision and strongly believes in the importance of this competition to enrich the Arabic digital content. Ayna was determined to partner this year's edition of web awards competitions in an aim to award the Best Arabic Content Knowledge website.

Furthermore, Ayna always strives to provide tailored services that meet the Arab World Digital needs and raise awareness towards maximizing the Arab online presence.

Ayna offers key services allowing businesses and web owners to:
-   Generate revenues from websites by joining “Ayna Shareek Network”; whereby any website ‘s traffic can be converted into real financial earnings ( no matter which category the website covers.

-   Connect face-to-face businesses to customers searching on web and mobile platforms through Ayna “Local Listings”. This service enables businesses to display information, pinpoint physical location on Ayna maps and create a sub page detailing products & services …

-   Provide maximum and targeted visibility for Businesses through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Banner Advertising on Web and Mobile. ( stands out from other search engines through its highly targeted audience, quantifiable results, best visibility and exposure as well as extensive resources and tailor-made services for the MENA region such as:

         AYNA Search

Ayna is a well known premier Arabic search engine targeting the MENA region. It offers its users different levels of safe search through Web, Video, News, Dictionary, Local, Images, and Religion collections.

         AYNA Maps

Dedicated to the Middle East & North African region, Ayna maps is the First online Arabic/English Street-Level Detailed Maps with directional routing and satellite view covering 35 cities in more than 20 countries.
Ayna maps are preloaded with more than 50,000 points of interests and available for free on Web and Mobile.

         AYNA Local

Ayna Local presents a real wealth of categorized information connecting businesses to online users via offering a searchable environment on local businesses.
Ayna Local displays contact information, description, products, services, location on Ayna maps and other useful information about Local businesses, allowing online and mobile users to easily locate their targets.
In one word, Ayna local is simply your ultimate online local guide!

To know more about AYNA services, please submit your information at: Or send us an email on:

Based in the United States, Ayna Corporation has offices in UAE, Lebanon, Egypt & Jordan. For further information about Ayna, please log on to: