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  • Art and Culture
  • Media, Media Services
  • Automotive
  • Ministries/Government
  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporate
  • Oil & Gas
  • E-Commerce
  • Personal
  • Education
  • Real Estate
  • Engg/Manf Industry
  • Retails
  • FMCG (F&B)
  • Services
  • Forums
  • Software & Telecommunication
  • Healthcare(Health Services)
  • Sports
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • HSE
  • Travel & Tourism

  • 1. Art and Culture
    1st prize: Nebras Oman
    2nd prize: Anna Dudchenko
    3rd prize: Bananasilk

    2. Automotive
    1st prize: Oman Cars
    2nd prize: Best Cars
    3rd prize: Mazda Oman

    3. Banking & Finance
    1st prize: OIFC
    2nd prize: Oman Arab Bank - Investment Management Group
    3rd prize: Taameer Investment

    4. Corporate
    1st prize: Taameer Investment
    2nd prize: Ruznama Group
    3rd prize: Haitham Al Farai Trd. Ent. & Bahwan IT LLC
    3rd prize: Bahwan IT LLC

    5. E-Commerce
    1st prize: Trademax LLC
    2nd prize: Khimji's Online Luxury Shopping
    3rd prize: Omanbay

    6. Education
    1st prize: University of Nizwa
    2nd prize: Electronic Educational Portal (Ministry of Education)
    3rd prize: Cad Inn Renovatio

    7. Engg/Manf Industry
    1st prize: Shamel International
    2nd prize: Sohar Aluminium
    3rd prize: Oman Cables

    8. FMCG
    1st prize: Nabil Biscuits
    2nd prize: Omar Al Khayyam Group
    2nd prize: 4U Grill
    3rd prize: Bright Sun Dates

    9. Forums
    1st prize: Shabab Dhofar Forums
    2nd prize: Campus Lights
    3rd prize: Ramsat Omania Forums

    10. Health Services
    1st prize: Oman Aids
    2nd prize: Welcare Diagnostic & Treatment Center
    3rd prize: Emirates Medical Center

    12. Health, Safety & Environment
    1st prize: Muscat Municipality
    2nd prize: Omn Aids
    3rd prize: Oman Green Awards 2009

    13. Media, Media Services & Event Management
    1st prize: COMEX 2010
    2nd prize: Whitepoint Advertising
    3rd prize: Reach

    14. Ministries/Government
    1st prize: Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources
    2nd prize: Royal Court Affairs
    3rd prize: Ministry of Health (Dept. of Environment)
    3rd prize: Ministry of Fisheries Wealth

    15. NGO/NPO
    1st prize: Oman Aids
    2nd prize: Civil Service Employees Pension Fund
    3rd prize: Art of Living (Oman Chapter)

    16. Oil & Gas
    1st prize: MB Petroleum LLC
    2nd prize: Abraj Energy Services
    3rd prize: Al Hassan Group of Companies

    17. Personal
    1st prize: Global Business Network LLC
    2nd prize: Anna Dudchenko
    3rd prize: Elvis John Ferrao

    18. Real Estate
    1st prize: The Wave, Muscat
    2nd prize: Taameer Investment
    3rd prize: Salalah Beach

    19. Retails
    1st prize: Ahmed Mohsin Trading
    2nd prize: OHI Electronics
    3rd prize: Zakher Mall

    20. Services
    1st prize: Zed Communications
    2nd prize: Cactus Studio
    3rd prize: Taameer Investment

    21. Software & Telecommunication
    1st prize: Halafoni
    2nd prize: Nawras
    3rd prize: HiFi Logix

    22. Sports
    1st prize: Oman Bimmers
    2nd prize: Sinbad Classic 2010
    3rd prize: Al Mal 3AB

    23. Transportation
    1st prize: Al Madina Logistic Services Company SAOC
    2nd prize: Budget Oman
    3rd prize: Oman Air
    3rd prize: Transoman 2010

    24. Travel & Tourism
    1st prize: The Guide
    2nd prize: Travel Point / Travel City
    3rd prize: Zahara Tours